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  • The Upper Secondary School of Forssa was established in 1899, thus being the oldest rural secondary school in Finland.
  • The building has been totally renovated in 2011.
  • Forssan yhteislyseo has about 440 students. The staff includes 30 teachers.
  • Forssan yhteislyseo provides its students with general education at secondary level, which enables them to apply to all forms of higher education.
  • General Studies are pursued in more than 75 courses (150 credits) available.
  • Forssan yhteislyseo provides a wide selection of courses, there being approximately 200 different courses available.
  • Forssan yhteislyseo offers a wide selection of courses in different languages, such as Swedish, English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish.
  • The variety of courses available makes it possible to specialize in practically any subject or study orientation.
  • In Mathematics there are two different streams of study available, Advanced and General.
  • Arts, Music, Drama and Sports offer a variety of courses to choose from.
  • Forssan  yhteislyseo also offers optional evening classes of secondary education adjusted to adults and with the opportunity of studying at a distance.
  • The study year contains 5 study periods (c. 7 weeks each). Students have different kind of time schedule in study periods. Students choose courses (and even teachers!) according to their interests.
  • About 100 students belong to the Sport Academy (ice hockey, ringette, indoor bandy,  basketball, athletics, gym, Finnish baseball etc.).
  • About 50 students study especially visual arts and design.


  • Forssan yhteislyseo cooperates with schools in  France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Spain. The school has a big Erasmus project. 
  • Forssan yhteislyseo closely cooperates with e.g. Häme university of applied sciences, The Natural Resources Institute Finland and the enterprises in the region of southwestern Häme.
  • Forssan yhteislyseo has exchange students every year.


  • All students have a laptop at school.
  • Each classroom has got a Smartboard at the teacher’s disposal.
  • The learning platform and interactive e-study books are used in many subjects.

Principal, PhD, MBA Simo Veistola,, +358 50 564 0057


HOW TO APPLY in 2024? 

The application period for 2024 has ended.


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Simo Veistola
Tel. +358 (0)50 564 0057

Heikki Jokinen
Tel. +358 (0)50 375 9250

Taina Kemppi
Tel. +358 (0)40 674 2054

Amanda Jyrkänne
Tel. +358 40 687 3651

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Forssan yhteislyseo
Lyseokatu 2 (ex: Hämeentie 29)
30100 Forssa

Tel. +358 (0)3 41 411
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